Skin Rejuvenating Treatments

Wrinkle-reduction treatments
If your wrinkles are becoming a problem and you’d like a smoother, fresher appearance, wrinkle-reduction injections just might be the solution. There are many misconceptions about this treatment, but if you want to know the scientific truth about this simple, safe and effective treatment, make an appointment with one of our medical staff. Over many years of using wrinkle-reduction injections, staff at Cosmetic Elegance are experts in the field and we believe this treatment is a wonderful way to make you look and feel a whole lot younger. You will fall in love with the rejuvenating effects.

Dermal Fillers treat static lines
As we age our faces can lose the “plump softness” of youth which can change our appearance quite dramatically. If you’d like to restore the fullness and softness of your face, or just tweak its shape without surgery, then dermal fillers are for you.

It is amazing what an immediate difference can be made by a few injections into the cheeks or lower face, taking years off your looks. These safe and effective non-surgical face lift procedures are fast becoming the most popular treatments in cosmetic medicine. Combine dermal fillers with wrinkle-reduction injections and some Laser treatments and the results will amaze you.


Don’t forget your smile!  If you’ve ever wanted more defined or fuller lips, Dermal Fillers like are a safe, quick and easy way to give you the lips you always desired. From reducing fine lines to volume restoration, our medical staff will soon have you smiling about your lips again.

IPL Photorejuvenation
Premature aging of the skin is often caused by sun damage. If, over the years, you have spent too long in the sun, IPL Photorejuvenation treatments will help restore your skin and reduce pigmentation. The Photorejuvenation process uses specific pulses of concentrated light to treat sun damaged skin. This treatment will help you turn back the clock and make you look years younger. You can achieve the more even skin tone you always wanted. The treatment of hands and arms to remove freckles and age spots is becoming increasingly popular too. IPL can also be used to treat of a range of other conditions including rosacea.

Facial Veins
Whilst broken capillaries on the face can be difficult to disguise, the good news is, they are relatively easy to remove. These common vascular lesions can be treated using our Copper Bromide Laser or Sclerotherapy. This is a very satisfying treatment and results are instant. This is truly the “Wow!” treatment. You can be free of unsightly veins in only 15 minutes.

Leg Vein Treatments
You don’t have to hide your legs because of annoying spider veins anymore! Cosmetic Elegance offers a number of different and effective leg vein treatments to suit individual needs. Come in and talk to our staff about the best treatment for you and you’ll be wearing shorts again in no time!

Keratosis Pilaris
Do you have “goose bumps”? Do you suffer from a fine bumpy texture on your upper arms or thighs? Don’t pick them, don’t scrub them! Come and see us and we’ll help smooth your skin safely and painlessly.

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Dr Eddie Roos having a Fraxel treatment

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Fillers for men, Toowoomba
Fillers for men, Toowoomba

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Vascular treatments, Toowoomba
Vascular treatments, Toowoomba

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